Sunday, September 13, 2009

as a physician you of all people should appreciate the dangers of re-opening old wounds

thinking about how much cockaroach is in these noodles?
how much urine is on my hands as i lick my fingers?
how much faeces is left on my hand from before?
have i eaten desicated spider unintentionally?
i don't care for spiders.
i've eaten flies before.
while i'm riding my bike generally.
they just fly in there.
it is gross.
not much you can do though.
scratch your bum.
now your hand smells.
scratch it again.
scratch too hard.
flies in my mouth.
buzzing spitting.
blood in my undies.
skid marks from scratching.
stinky palm.
it is a bit better but
it still itches.

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