Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bored at work

 Sent at 15:13 on Tuesday
 Daniel:  hurf durf
 me:  smurf?
maybe not
 Daniel:  nope
When hurf durf is seen, it is understood that whatever has been quoted  and labeled as hurf durf is completely and utterly unreasonable and  impossible of being taken seriously. Generally used when quoting  someone, especially (but certainly not limited to) in the context of an  internet game forum.
 me:  figured
 Daniel:  Hurf durf occurs when someone goes on a long-winded tangent about  something that is universally insignificant but is present in the  original poster's mind and is EXTREMELY important to that person.
 me:  hurf durf
its a lttle like 'what ever'
 Sent at 15:21 on Tuesday
 Daniel:  yes
 Sent at 15:25 on Tuesday
 me:  blah blah blah im a wanker artist
balh blah
hurf durf
 Daniel:  lols
 Sent at 15:31 on Tuesday
 me:  my new artist statement
hurf durf
 Daniel:  They see me hurfin they durfing
 me:  blah blah im a fucking artist look at my poopy wall hanging fucktard paintings blah blah
 Daniel:  :O
 me:  im an arts student no one understands me everyoine is fucked blah blah
 Daniel:  dude.. you need to get out of there
 me:  go back to liquor retail
another kind of fucktard
 Daniel:  welp

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