Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is strange to feel a sense of despair and sadness over something that is not yet dead. Carcass is a word I feel close to right now. I am a carcass, and a poorly animated one at that.
Directionless and unaware. I am in transition. I am a transitional carcass, from child to adult. Stop talking and make something of yourself I say to myself.

The mechanism of the universe is indifferent. This mechanistic indifference, allows my state of being to be both incredibly connected but is coupled with a sense of isolation. It's wonderful yet disheartening. I'd love to experience something universal, some kind of resonance but nothing is forthcoming.

There is much to do and my available time is limited. I am finite. Once again this feeling is double edged, leaving me feeling unique and special but also small and unimportant. Today is a day of lessons; reminders of the importance of humility.

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